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What do we do?

Hezion uses game elements (as points, badges, levels, etc) to motivate people to learn and work.

We have created several courses to teach hundreds of students about: App Development, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship.


We create awesome experiences to engage and to motivate students to study the hardest subjects.


We can gamify any app and website, engage your audience in a new and fun way.


Engage your employees in new ways, you will boost their productivity and your results.

our partners

our professors

speaker name
David Goudet

CEO at Hezion Studios / Computer Engineer

speaker name
Arturo Lira

Engineer at Google

speaker name
Eva Herbert

CEO at Beauty Value / Psychologist

speaker name
Alejandro Vásquez

CEO at Think Lab / Marketing Expert

speaker name
Gabriela Torres

Founder at Proyéctate / Economist

speaker name
Laura García

Satellite Specialist / Electronic Engineer

speaker name
Mayerlin Márquez

Electrical Engineer

speaker name
Manuel Gil

App Developer / Computer Engineer


Our courses


Sequoia is a bootcamp on a island to learn how to develop mobile apps for iOS and Android.

More than 500 students have entered to Sequoia to learn development using the framework React Native.


Xeon follows the story of a hacker in a series of adventures in order to stop the destruction of mankind.

This in an online course on Artificial Intelligence using machine learning.